Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quilling, Children, and Christmas Reflections

The holiday season means for most gathering of the clan, which in most family includes oodles of children. Keeping them occupied can be challenging. One idea is set up a craft table out of the way, stocked with quilling supplies. I have found that round toothpicks, shredded paper, and school glue is a perfect inexpensive solution. Some ideas for projects are a small kitchen tree they can decorate with ornaments, table seating place cards, or pre-made ornaments for them to adorn. One of my favorites is to have frames made from cardstock which the children can decorate; during in the festivities snap some photos. In the age of digital photography pictures can be printed quickly. The one that is a hit with all the adults is a group shot of all the children.

On a personal level this Christmas season is a very unusual for our family. For the first year we do not have a live tree, but an artificial which sadly is not even decorated with our hundreds of carefully collected and made ornaments. It was bought pre-lite and was one of the last one left at the store. Jokingly my husband wanted to tie it to the roof of our truck as we have done in years past with our live tree. There are no lights adoring our outside, our fence and arbors are strangely dark while lights and decorations remain in storage. Our sons who can not return home for the holiday will have no wrapped present from us to open Christmas morning this year. The batches of cookies baked in previous years starting Thanksgiving weekend remain unbaked. Our home strangely looks the same as it does each day of the year, oh we did manage to put the small forest of trees in the picture windows. But the holiday village will also remain packed away. The number of presents under the tree is a far cry from the multitude of years past.

For this year we have learned the true meaning of the season, it not the tree, presents, lights, or cookies. December 25th will come and go whether these trappings are in our home or not.

Many do not know that my mom suffered a severe heart attack November 25th while Christmas shopping with a friend. On route to the hospital her heart stopped five times.
My husband and I arrived minutes after she arrived and were told to “gather” close family members. Our sons flew in from North Carolina, while we stood by her bedside with the priest giving last rites. I spent hours at her bedside talking myself hoarse, turning my watch over to the next family member. Being a small family of only four, we had very long hours. We took it one hour at time. The second morning we were greeted with my mom awake and she smiled! The long road to recovery could now begin with the first step to get her stable enough to transfer to another hospital for surgery. Slowly she began to remember me more and more, after eight days she was able to be transferred. Surgery proceed immediately upon her arrival, a very long night for Doug and I. Our sons after a week stay needed to return to their jobs in North Carolina. After a collapsed lung she is now the proud owner of an ICD (Defibrillator). Another eight days and she was released to our care. She has no memory of her first week in the hospital or the period of time preceding Thanksgiving. Remarkable she is able to walk (unsteady but therapy will improve that), talk, and has retained her sense of humor.
She has a long road ahead, but as her doctors say she is a true miracle!

And is that not what Christmas is all about.... miracles?
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Quilling Supply Holiday Sale!

Happy Holiday Quillers!

From now until Christmas Custom Quilling

Is offering 5% off (orders over $25.00) everything in the store.
Use code:


This includes the already 15% discounted Paplin products, which means a total of 20% off!
The discounted Lake City Craft line is included too .

Great time to shop for those last minute gifts, even if they are for yourself!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas and Holiday Quilling Patterns

With the holiday season upon us here are some festive patterns from myself and the Custom Quilling Design team. Just follow the link to purchase the patterns, which are quickly sent by email so you can begin your project immediately.

This card was done by myself

Here's a quick orament

Christmas Tree by Doreen

Snowman by Doreen

Dreidel Card by Donna

Velvet Star Box by Heidi

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Free Quilled Snowflake Pattern

Since it has been cold and snowy here in New Jersey all week I thought it is time for another free snowflake pattern!

This one is also a beginner level from one of my online classes. For a diverse look using the same pattern try quilling will a different paper like, gilded, blue, parchment, vellum, or graduated.

6 - 4” pieces white rolled into a pressed heart
1 - 4” pieces white rolled into a loose circle
6 - 2” pieces white rolled into V scroll (3turns)
6 - 4” pieces white rolled into Marquise (Eye)
6 - 4” pieces white rolled into heart scroll

Place circle on center of grid (see Snowflake Pattern for grid), glue pressed hearts around circle following spokes. Place a V in between pressed hearts. Glue eye to where V scrolls meet, then glue heart scroll between eye shapes.
Reduce pattern by half for a smaller snowflake which maybe used for gift tags, scrapbooks, and more.
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Friday, November 30, 2007

Quilling Newsletter

The Custom Quilling Newsletter and monthly kit for December has been posted!

Each month the design team of Doreen, Heidi, and Trina produce the most fabulous designs using the Custom Quilling monthly kit.

The December newsletter is filled with ideas for the holiday season, you can check it out here:


Here’s a peek at the monthly kit:

Click on the picture to read more about these awesome kits!

Happy Quilling Everyone!


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Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to Sell Your Quilling Art

For years a group of friends and I would rent a local clubhouse to hold an annual boutique. While it was not always easy getting twenty women to agree, we managed to turn our little show into a very profitable venture.

Starting when many of our children were still in playpens, we ran this yearly boutique until these same children had graduated college; some even had children of their own.
The number of days and hours of the boutique expanded each year as the popularity grew. As the years past we added vendors from across the states and beyond. The work involved in this endeavor was significant; each member was required to oversee a portion of the running of the boutique. In addition to the very long hours setting up, sale days, knocking-down, and shipping back unsold items. We began each year in January to hold the boutique mid October, finishing up the final bookwork the end of November. Would I do it again, in a heart beat!

As a quilling artist in the mid 1980’s quilling was an art form very few had ever seen. I was able to get exposure for myself and quilling.
It has been a few years since we disbanded, but while moving some files yesterday this picture slipped out and began the idea of this post.

It is from one of the very first boutiques we held. By the last day, these boards would be bare and I would have a book filled with orders.

We did our sale on a large level, but the same concept could be used for a smaller group held in a home. One thing we learned was to keep the art forms diversified, this enabled customers a wider selection of items. Plus better sales for those involved.
Why not give it a try? Get a few of you talented friends together for a sale.
Hold it on a weekend, send out invitation, serve a few nibbles (careful they aren’t too messy), and have fun meeting people.

Feel free to contact me if you need any more information.


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful for Quilling

Since it is almost Thanksgiving here in the States I thought it would be fitting to share some of the things I am thankful for. Given that this is a quilling related blog it is only appropriate to have it relate to quilling.

Ever since beginning to quill in 1975 I have been most fortunate to let my life become be engulfed by paper. I even dream in some form of quilling, may it be a new design, use of coils, or something innovative to use with quilling strips. Am I obsessed??? Why of course, who wouldn’t be?
And I am not alone, each week I receive a call or email from a new quiller who has fallen under the spell of quilling. What better to become addicted to than paper strips? The art form is simple to learn, supplies are relatively inexpensive, and thankfully now to the internet easier to find.
The question I have been asked for years (way before Custom Quilling Supplies opened its doors) is “Do you know of a quiller in my area?”

At first I would just send any information I had to the quillers or post on the quilling groups, but as I got busier time became harder to come by it became difficult to do. So I came of with the plan of having a list of quillers who are looking for others in their area.

In the short time the list has been up it has grown quickly. If you would like your information added just send a mail with the link at the top of the friends page. Never know there may be a quiller in your very town.

Wishing all a wonderful Quilling Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Fire, Ice, and Quilling

Well, I guess I spoke too soon about snow .....this is what welcomed me this morning:

Yes, that is snow! This is the earliest I can ever remember it snowing, as you can see many of the leaves have yet to turn color in the park. I am hoping this is not an indication of what is to come.

This is more what I prefer:

This was taken at our cottage in Wilmington, North Carolina the evening before we left last month.

Well at least the snow will give me incentive to quill more snowflakes!
Have a quilling day everyone!


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Quilled Snowflake Pattern

I spent the morning putting the monthly quilling kit for December together; all the festive colors really got me into the holiday mood. Speaking of the kit it’s fantastic; fill with fabric stickers, charms, wire words, quilling paper, and lots more.

Since I’m in the holiday mood I thought I’d start my gift giving early so ......
Here’s a quick easy pattern for a snowflake.

  1. 6 - 6” pieces white rolled into a Marquise (Eye)

  2. 6 - 2” pieces white rolled into V scroll (3turns)

  3. 6- 2” pieces white rolled into Heart scroll (3turns)

  4. 6 - 6” pieces white rolled into pressed heart

Place Marquise (Eye) on grid, following spokes. Place a V in between eyes.Glue scroll heart to where V scrolls meet, then glue press heart scroll to top of scroll heart.

The simplest way to make snowflakes is to use a grid, like below. This helps to keep your snowflake even and in place. Just slip a copy of the grid under a piece of plastic, glue the shapes on top of the grid, holding with pins if needed. Remember less glue is best! After dry carefully remove by sliding a needle tool between the snowflake and plastic.

Enjoy, these are much easier to deal with than the real stuff!!


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Friday, November 16, 2007

Storage Ideas for Quilling Paper

I think every quiller has faced the dilemma on how the heck to store all your quilling paper and supplies?!?! Over the years I have used a few different methods. Keeping the paper for the most part in its original sleeve, I would place it a large plastic (sweater size) container on their sides. Trying my best to keep it color organized. I still keep a few basic packs of colors in the method.

Then a few years ago I found these carts....

I now have a few different configurations of them for the store inventory. They work fantastic for storing paper and everything else I use, with the bonus of wheels! In additional the draws can be removed to carry your supplies to another room. When you’re done for the day just wheel into a closet or corner out of the way. I purchased mine at Costco (large wholesale warehouse) for a very reasonable price.

For all my embellishments (buttons, charms, etc.) I use a fishing tackle box which has three removable cases, great to grab just one. Here it is siting my worktable.

Lastly when I want to quill on the sofa I use ether my lap desk or my old fashion "breakfast in bed" tray. Both have large side compartments to store my supplies and best of all a lip around the surface to catch run away coils!

So make sure to think outside the box when looking for a storage method, you may surprise yourself what you can find.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

CQ Shipping Supervisors

Mornings here at CQ can begin anytime from 4 AM (yes, I do get up that early) to 6 AM.
This is partly due to my husband getting up for work but mostly due to two fur balls. Who think they run not only our home but also day to day operations of CQ.
The pick up for out going shipments is normally around 10 AM, meaning all overnight orders must be packed, labeled, and ready to go by 9:30 AM.

Both Luna and MacTavish oversee all packing, following from the office where the orders are downloaded to the stockroom where orders are packed under their careful supervision. Then back to the office to print shipping labels, this has to be MacTavish favorite part. He perches on the top of the bookcase making sure all labels are properly printed and adhered to packages.

Then it’s time for breakfast and a nap ... until the mid-day deliveries. But that is a story for another day.

So have no fear when ordering from CQ, Luna and MacTavish are making sure your orders get shipped ASAP!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Quilling Project

Each year as the holidays approach, I tell myself that I will begin my quilling gifts early. The last few seasons my tendency to give gift cards has increased dramatically. I was never a big fan of these, always thought it a cop out. BUT after being on the receiving end of a few very questionable gifts (which promptly are donated to a worthy cause) I changed my mind rather quickly!

This year I am making altered Band-aid tins to hold them.

These are ones I'm selling in the store.

I plan on doing a few in blue and white for my friends who celebrate Hanukah too. For my girlfriend who is addicted to Starbucks, hers will be a coffee theme.

These cuties will also work to hold gift cards...

I am thinking of making these purses up for a couple of the younger girls on my list. Soon as I finish it up I'll try to remember to post a picture.

Keep on quillin'!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

and it begins....

My passion for quilling began in 1975 when I did my first quilled wedding invitation…my own. I found my calling: Narrow strips of paper and a hatpin. Since creating Custom Quilling in 1976, I have done countless quilled heirloom birth announcements, wedding invitations, and anniversary gifts that have ended up worldwide. I have taught numerous people to quill both in person and online classes.
After frequent request for locating some of the unusual quilling supplies I use, the concept of Custom Quilling Supplies was born. The online doors opened in March of 2004 steadily expanding our inventory, adding a monthly Newsletter than a Design Team.
The most recent addition to CQ is awesome monthly kits.
Why not stop by and check us out at:
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