Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Quilled Snowflake Pattern

I spent the morning putting the monthly quilling kit for December together; all the festive colors really got me into the holiday mood. Speaking of the kit it’s fantastic; fill with fabric stickers, charms, wire words, quilling paper, and lots more.

Since I’m in the holiday mood I thought I’d start my gift giving early so ......
Here’s a quick easy pattern for a snowflake.

  1. 6 - 6” pieces white rolled into a Marquise (Eye)

  2. 6 - 2” pieces white rolled into V scroll (3turns)

  3. 6- 2” pieces white rolled into Heart scroll (3turns)

  4. 6 - 6” pieces white rolled into pressed heart

Place Marquise (Eye) on grid, following spokes. Place a V in between eyes.Glue scroll heart to where V scrolls meet, then glue press heart scroll to top of scroll heart.

The simplest way to make snowflakes is to use a grid, like below. This helps to keep your snowflake even and in place. Just slip a copy of the grid under a piece of plastic, glue the shapes on top of the grid, holding with pins if needed. Remember less glue is best! After dry carefully remove by sliding a needle tool between the snowflake and plastic.

Enjoy, these are much easier to deal with than the real stuff!!


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