Friday, November 16, 2007

Storage Ideas for Quilling Paper

I think every quiller has faced the dilemma on how the heck to store all your quilling paper and supplies?!?! Over the years I have used a few different methods. Keeping the paper for the most part in its original sleeve, I would place it a large plastic (sweater size) container on their sides. Trying my best to keep it color organized. I still keep a few basic packs of colors in the method.

Then a few years ago I found these carts....

I now have a few different configurations of them for the store inventory. They work fantastic for storing paper and everything else I use, with the bonus of wheels! In additional the draws can be removed to carry your supplies to another room. When you’re done for the day just wheel into a closet or corner out of the way. I purchased mine at Costco (large wholesale warehouse) for a very reasonable price.

For all my embellishments (buttons, charms, etc.) I use a fishing tackle box which has three removable cases, great to grab just one. Here it is siting my worktable.

Lastly when I want to quill on the sofa I use ether my lap desk or my old fashion "breakfast in bed" tray. Both have large side compartments to store my supplies and best of all a lip around the surface to catch run away coils!

So make sure to think outside the box when looking for a storage method, you may surprise yourself what you can find.
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