Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful for Quilling

Since it is almost Thanksgiving here in the States I thought it would be fitting to share some of the things I am thankful for. Given that this is a quilling related blog it is only appropriate to have it relate to quilling.

Ever since beginning to quill in 1975 I have been most fortunate to let my life become be engulfed by paper. I even dream in some form of quilling, may it be a new design, use of coils, or something innovative to use with quilling strips. Am I obsessed??? Why of course, who wouldn’t be?
And I am not alone, each week I receive a call or email from a new quiller who has fallen under the spell of quilling. What better to become addicted to than paper strips? The art form is simple to learn, supplies are relatively inexpensive, and thankfully now to the internet easier to find.
The question I have been asked for years (way before Custom Quilling Supplies opened its doors) is “Do you know of a quiller in my area?”

At first I would just send any information I had to the quillers or post on the quilling groups, but as I got busier time became harder to come by it became difficult to do. So I came of with the plan of having a list of quillers who are looking for others in their area.

In the short time the list has been up it has grown quickly. If you would like your information added just send a mail with the link at the top of the friends page. Never know there may be a quiller in your very town.

Wishing all a wonderful Quilling Thanksgiving!

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