Friday, December 7, 2007

Another Free Quilled Snowflake Pattern

Since it has been cold and snowy here in New Jersey all week I thought it is time for another free snowflake pattern!

This one is also a beginner level from one of my online classes. For a diverse look using the same pattern try quilling will a different paper like, gilded, blue, parchment, vellum, or graduated.

6 - 4” pieces white rolled into a pressed heart
1 - 4” pieces white rolled into a loose circle
6 - 2” pieces white rolled into V scroll (3turns)
6 - 4” pieces white rolled into Marquise (Eye)
6 - 4” pieces white rolled into heart scroll

Place circle on center of grid (see Snowflake Pattern for grid), glue pressed hearts around circle following spokes. Place a V in between pressed hearts. Glue eye to where V scrolls meet, then glue heart scroll between eye shapes.
Reduce pattern by half for a smaller snowflake which maybe used for gift tags, scrapbooks, and more.
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Paula said...

Okay -'s the question... How long does it take you to do this - start to finish? I haven't tried this particular design, but I have discovered that even small snowflakes take a loooooong time. LOL

thanks for the new pattern!
Paula Bauer

Custom Quilling said...

Hey Paula,
This pattern takes a little longer than the first snowflake pattern.
My secret to making snowflakes is to make all the same shapes at once.
The key is to have them the same size and use the grid, this way they will fit together quickly.