Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quilling, Scrapbooks, and eBay

Once upon a time a long while ago I use to sell my scrapbooking sets on eBay under the sellers ID of DeeQuill. I did this for a number of reasons.
One it permitted my creative side to take hold, I was able to create designs that I liked and was not commissioned to make.

Second back in 2002 quilling was a rare commodity on eBay, this is way before it was flooded with quilling “knock-offs”. It was refreshing to be able to spread the word on quilling to a whole new market. Many had never heard or seen this art form, being amazed what strips of paper could produce. And for me it was fairly profitable, not a terrible side effect!

I lost count of the number I sold; it was well into the hundreds.
All these memories were brought back today when I ran across the disc of the pictures from the eBay auctions.

Hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quilling Books

I would surmise the “word” has gotten out about quilling due to the number of new releases from publishers. It’s about time! In the past new releases were far and few between, sometimes years before a new book would be published.

Custom Quilling Supplies is to receive two new books in the next weeks, then another two books will be released shortly after. Also be on the look out for a new book by our favorite floral punch artist. Yes, Custom Quilling has all these and more on pre-order.The main problem is the length of time between notification of the new releases and the actual time we have the publications is our hands. We have been anticipating these two books for months now!


Here’s another book I think you will enjoy, although it is not totally quilling it is a must have for all you cardmakers! Due in stock soon.

As for the other quilling books due out, I’ll write more about those once a defined publish date is released.

In the meantime make sure to stop by the store:

Loads of new inventory just arrived, including velvet papers!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Quilling Punch Art Patterns Added

Some new patterns have been added to Custom Quilling Supplies.

These are a few of the patterns from my previous classes, I hope to be adding more in the next few days.

Once it slows down around here a bit new online classes will start again .... I promise!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Free Quilling Floral Pattern & New Inventory

Hello Quillers!

It's been super busy here at Custom Quilling Supplies, the new inventory I ordered is slowly starting to trickle in.

Back in stock is the Leone Em line of books and punches, Kits by Kelly, Satin Heart Boxes, Cross Boxes, CQ Patterns, plus lots more inventory!

Well, I did promise you a pattern so here it is. This is a beginner level which I have posted in the store too, but since there are so many new Bloggers it may have been missed.

Flower Bouquet

White Daisy
5 pieces 3” long Marquise White
1 piece 2 ½” long Tight circle Yellow
1 piece 2 ½” long Loose Scroll Green
1 piece 3” long Loose Scroll Green
Glue White Marquise together forming a circle, top with Yellow Tight circle and add two Scrolls

Pink Flower
5 pieces 3” long Tear Drop Pink
1 piece 2 ½” long Tight circle White
1 pieces 3” long Marquise green
1 piece 2 ½” long Loose Scroll Green
1 pieces Green to fit (stem)
Glue 5 Pink Tear Drops together forming a circle, top with White Tight circle add Green Marquise.
Add Green stem and Loose Scroll

Blue Flower
5 pieces 3” long Rolled Heart blue
1 pieces Green to fit (stem) Glue 5 Blue Rolled Hearts together forming a circle. Add Green Stem.

Yellow Spray
7 pieces 3” long Rolled Heart Yellow
2 pieces Green to fit (stem)
1 piece 3” long Loose Scroll Green
Glue 3 Yellow Rolled Hearts alternating sides to one stem. Glue 4 Yellow Rolled Hearts alternating sides to one stem.

Glue to backing as pictured. , starting with White Daisy, larger Yellow Spray, Blue Flower, Smaller Yellow Spray, and then Pink Flower. Cut the stems on an angle lightly glue together where they meet.To attach lightly spot glue back and gently press to card or project.

Enjoy but please remember all copyright laws.

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