Sunday, January 27, 2008

Quilling Books

I would surmise the “word” has gotten out about quilling due to the number of new releases from publishers. It’s about time! In the past new releases were far and few between, sometimes years before a new book would be published.

Custom Quilling Supplies is to receive two new books in the next weeks, then another two books will be released shortly after. Also be on the look out for a new book by our favorite floral punch artist. Yes, Custom Quilling has all these and more on pre-order.The main problem is the length of time between notification of the new releases and the actual time we have the publications is our hands. We have been anticipating these two books for months now!


Here’s another book I think you will enjoy, although it is not totally quilling it is a must have for all you cardmakers! Due in stock soon.

As for the other quilling books due out, I’ll write more about those once a defined publish date is released.

In the meantime make sure to stop by the store:

Loads of new inventory just arrived, including velvet papers!
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