Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quilling, Scrapbooks, and eBay

Once upon a time a long while ago I use to sell my scrapbooking sets on eBay under the sellers ID of DeeQuill. I did this for a number of reasons.
One it permitted my creative side to take hold, I was able to create designs that I liked and was not commissioned to make.

Second back in 2002 quilling was a rare commodity on eBay, this is way before it was flooded with quilling “knock-offs”. It was refreshing to be able to spread the word on quilling to a whole new market. Many had never heard or seen this art form, being amazed what strips of paper could produce. And for me it was fairly profitable, not a terrible side effect!

I lost count of the number I sold; it was well into the hundreds.
All these memories were brought back today when I ran across the disc of the pictures from the eBay auctions.

Hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me!

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