Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Bunny Free Quilling Pattern

Last spring a mother bunny made her nest right in the middle of our front lawn.

Delighting all the children on the block but frustrating the CQ Staff, who sat daily at the window watching. Each time the lawn was mowed a basket covered the nest to avoid any possible causalities. Soon four bunnies emerged from the nest, entertaining all with their antics. Until one day they all hopped off in different directions never to return. The nest was cleaned out, the grass re-seeded, everything was back to normal, except we all missed those cute little bunnies amusing us!

So I thought you might like to make your own quilled bunnies...

1 Pom white (8 inches, 20 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms body
1 Pom white (6 inches, 15 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms head
2 strips white (3/4 inches, 2 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms outer ears
2 strips pink (1/2 inches, 1 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms inner ear
2 strips blue bead roll (1 inch, 2.5 cm x 1/8 inches, .3 cm) forms eyes
1 strips pink bead roll (1 inch, 2.5 cm x 1/8 inches, .3 cm) forms nose

Fringe both white 3/8” strips, spread the cuts out with your thumb to achieve look of fur.
Glue small pom to larger pom by lightly gluing “fur” together.
Cut two white strips into ear shapes, repeat with pink making slightly smaller then gluing on top on the white.
Tuck ears in-between “fur” of small pom and glue.
Glue two blue beads rolls for eyes and one pink for nose to smaller pom. Cut end of cotton swab
gluing to side of larger pom for tail.

Hope you enjoy your bunnies as much as we did ours!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Quilling Sales at Shows

Here's an article I wrote a while back for the Custom Quilling Newsletter.
With the economy being what it is today, selling your art can mean extra income for you.

This time of the year many are participating in craft show, bazaars, demonstrations etc. so I thought I would share some my tips from when I did shows. It is important to remember your display is a reflection of you. If this is your first time setting up a booth, do a dry run at home then invite friends over to critique your display. Many shows are juried and require your area to be set up in a certain manner, pay very close attention to the rules you receive.

If using a table make sure to have a tasteful covering that goes to the ground. This space under the table if useful for storing supplies and stock. I found when arranging the table to have different heights, staging the table with the current season, i.e. now would be a small tree. If the space is available do a grouping so customers get an idea of how items would look together, than perhaps buying the whole grouping.

Check to see if electricity is offered, if not battery operated lights may be an option for those dark rooms. Do not forget the space behind the table, I used a folding screen system where larger picture could be hung.

Most shows permit set up hours before the doors open, so give yourself ample time for this. All your items must be carried to your location so choose your props very carefully many can serve a double propose. If you plan on doing several shows a small hand truck or wagon are VERY handy!

Have a guestbook set out for customers to sign, this is a great way to add to your mailing list. With preprinted pages for names, address, emails, also check off boxes if they are interested in classes, hosting a home show etc. I used two types of business cards, basic one set out on the table for all to take and more elaborate ones with quilling for customers who purchased or who wanted to order in the future. I also had my portfolio of work on hand for those who wanted to see it. Bring you projects along, people love to see you quill, I would just quill shapes placing them in a bowl for samples. I always had extra paper and pins for people to give it a try. This also came into play when someone would question the prices stating it was only paper and they could do it. I would politely hand them some paper and a hat pin offering them a try, most could not even start the shape without a mini lesson.

Do not sell yourself short, you are an artist, your work is worth the price you are asking. It has become a trend at shows for the customer to offer you a lower price, more so at the end of the day. There are many who only attend shows the last hour to do just this.

Most important have fun and let your personality shine...

you are a Quilling Artist!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Card Book At Custom Quilling

The new book by Jenn Mason is here, stop by Custom Quilling to pick up your copy!

Here's the lowdown...

The Complete Guide to Design, Color, and Construction Techniques for Beautiful Cards The most complete volume on card making available! The Cardmaker’s Workbook is the only book on cardmaking that a crafter will ever need, and is formatted in a sturdy volume that can kept on the desk and referred to again and again.

The book is divided into chapters focusing on composition, color, theme, construction and inspiration. Instructions are clear but concise, making room for large pictures and multiple variations.

It has the look of a designer's notebook with sketches and templates that show different card formats. Unlike other cardmaking books available that are occasion driven or aren’t stylized,

The Cardmaker’s Workbook provides an inspiring and hands-on tool for paper addicts to use to expand their skills and stretch their imagination.
The designs cover many different styles, from detailed multi-layered beauties to simple cards that can be quickly made and given as a set of stationery.


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Custom Quilling Supplies....SALE!!!


Since a April is tax month here in the states, I thought it would be nice to save some $$$ on stuff we all like.... Quilling Supplies! So until the end of the month you can use the Happy08 code, you'll receive 5% off all orders of $20.00 or more.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Quilling Friends

Quillers are artists who have a passion for their artform. They continuously search out others who also are addicted to strips of paper, eager to share the joy of twirling.
Willing to share patterns, techniques, and ideas the main goal is the advance the artform.
If you are looking for a friend to share your passion of quilling why not check out the list of quilling friends at Custom Quilling?

If you'd like to add you name to the list just use the link at the top of the Quilling Friends page to send me an email.
Good luck in finding a new quilling friend!
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Quilled Spiral Rose

This is a very simple fast version of a quilled rose, hope you enjoy it!

Draw or trace circle shape onto paper of your choice. Cut out the shape following the spiral line.
With the backside of the circle facing towards you start to roll the shape with a slotted tool at point 1 rolling until you reach point 2, let the rose loosen slightly then glue this end to the outside of the rose. Add a couple of punched leaves and the rose is complete!

Size of rose maybe adjusted by making a larger or smaller circle.
For a different look decorative scissors can be used to cut out the spiral.
Try chalking along the line for a shaded effect.
The edges of the rose can be embossed with metallic embossing powders.
Two toned paper (each side a different hue) is also very effective when making these roses.
Have fun making a garden of roses!!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy At Custom Quilling

What a busy month March was!
The anniversary sale was a huge success; a record breaking number of orders were shipped... Thank you everyone!!

Loads of new inventory is making its way to the shelves at Custom Quilling.

Among them is a new line of kits:

And look at these cool new tools:

New pattern:

To check out them all out click here:

Remember to use your discount code which can be applied to any one order over $20.00.

The code is:

There’s lots more on the way... new punches, tools, books, and more.
Looks like the CQ staff is going to be very busy in the up coming weeks.

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