Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Bunny Free Quilling Pattern

Last spring a mother bunny made her nest right in the middle of our front lawn.

Delighting all the children on the block but frustrating the CQ Staff, who sat daily at the window watching. Each time the lawn was mowed a basket covered the nest to avoid any possible causalities. Soon four bunnies emerged from the nest, entertaining all with their antics. Until one day they all hopped off in different directions never to return. The nest was cleaned out, the grass re-seeded, everything was back to normal, except we all missed those cute little bunnies amusing us!

So I thought you might like to make your own quilled bunnies...

1 Pom white (8 inches, 20 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms body
1 Pom white (6 inches, 15 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms head
2 strips white (3/4 inches, 2 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms outer ears
2 strips pink (1/2 inches, 1 cm x 3/8 inches, 1 cm) forms inner ear
2 strips blue bead roll (1 inch, 2.5 cm x 1/8 inches, .3 cm) forms eyes
1 strips pink bead roll (1 inch, 2.5 cm x 1/8 inches, .3 cm) forms nose

Fringe both white 3/8” strips, spread the cuts out with your thumb to achieve look of fur.
Glue small pom to larger pom by lightly gluing “fur” together.
Cut two white strips into ear shapes, repeat with pink making slightly smaller then gluing on top on the white.
Tuck ears in-between “fur” of small pom and glue.
Glue two blue beads rolls for eyes and one pink for nose to smaller pom. Cut end of cotton swab
gluing to side of larger pom for tail.

Hope you enjoy your bunnies as much as we did ours!

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