Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Quilling Kit

What a bad Blogger I have been, thank you Ann for reminding me to post! If you have never checked out Ann's art make sure to click on her name.... you'll be amazed by this talented quilling artist.
Just in at Custom Quilling is a really cute kit that highlights jungle animals. These little guys are so cute, perfect for scrapbook, cards, or how about adding a pin back?

There's a few of the monthly kits left, this is a great way to jump start projects.

For those who make their own cards, the problem was how the heck do you mail them without them becoming squished?!? Well we have the answer at Custom Quilling.... Card Mailers! These sturdy boxes will keep your creations safe until arrival.

Click the picture to see all the storage solutions available.

That's all for now quillers, make sure to stop by the store to check out all the other new goodies that have been arriving.

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