Saturday, October 18, 2008

Husking Equals Quilling Fun!


Another busy week here at Custom Quilling, loads of new inventory came in.

Back in stock is the Quilling & Husking Pack from Jane Jenkins

And new to the scene are a series of husking cards (templates) from Elizabeth's Creations. These are compact cards offering every combination of husking designs you can imagine.

What's cool is while they last we are offering a free emailed husking pattern with a purchase of any of Elizabeth's husking cards or boards.

What is husking you ask?!?!? Well not to show my age but its kinda like the old string art where string is wrapped around a series of pins set into a pattern. Except husking is done with paper!

The imported papers from the United Kingdom have also been restocked, we quillers just love the texture and colors of these strips!

Click the link below to see the rainbow of colors offered...


Enjoy and hope you have lots of quilling fun!

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