Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quilling with Gold and Silver Quill Trim Paper

Here's another blast from the past written by Ann Martin Custom Quilling's Advisor for the Custom Quilling Newsletter.

Perhaps you are wondering what to do with the 1/8" quill trim paper that is a beautiful metallic
gold or silver on one side, but white on the other. Wedding bells? Christmas bells? Tiny pegs? Yes, all that and more! With a bit of creativity you'll be able to use these versatile papers in many ways. If you carefully spread an even coating of glue on the white side of a strip, glue the back of a second strip to the first, you can then roll coils or scrolls as usual. Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting to roll. If there are a small openings where there wasn't enough glue, use a straight pin to apply a tiny amount in the gaps.

Try outlining colored teardrops with quill trim to use as butterfly wings or wrap a short length around a closed coil to use as the center of a flower. Apply glue with a glue stick to the back of a strip and press it in place on a card front as a border. For a different look, glue two strips together and crimp when dry. The double thickness will prevent the paper from turning into confetti when it is run through the crimper. Crimped trim makes a pretty border on a card front and surprisingly can be very easily glued around curves on a circle or oval aperture card or picture frame mat.

Cut a strip of trim paper in half and glue it down the middle of a 1/8" strip of another color. Use it to make a pretty looped bow. With a little practice it is possible to make very tiny fringed flowers and folded roses with the 1/8" quill trim papers as well.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Entering Quilling Competitions

Here's a re-print of an article written by DT Doreen first appearing in the September 2005 issue of the Custom Quilling Newsletter.

Entering Quilling Competitions Can Be A Rewarding Experience... by Doreen Coreman

Entering Paper Quilling into Competitions and Art Shows can be such a wonderful experience. I started quilling in October of 2001, and entered my first major project just 9 months after in July 2002 at The Calgary Stampede Western Arts and Crafts Show. It was a pair of quilled swans from a pattern in one of Malinda Johnston’s books. I happily took a blue 2nd place ribbon, and was just thrilled, and couldn’t wait to enter another piece the next year. In 2003, I made another framed piece, again from Malinda Johnston’s book. It was the Carolina Wren, and again, I took second place. I soon realized after these 2 second place ribbons, that as long as I kept using non-original patterned designs, I probably wouldn’t get more than 2nd place wins. In 2004, I decided to do some designs that were all my own original pieces. What a difference that made!!! I entered 3 pieces; an 8 x 10 framed quilled peacock, a birthday card and a friendship thank you card. My peacock took 3 awards (1st in class, 1st in section and section winner overall medal), my birthday card got a 2nd place, and my thank you card got 2 awards (1st in class, 4th in section). I was so proud of my accomplishment in such a short time and very pleased at how much I learned a long the way. So earlier this year I was sent an invitation to compete in the Masters Division (the highest level of Competition), because I had won 2 section awards last year I was both excited and scared, as I didn’t really think I was ready to be in the Masters. I did another 3 entries that were all original pieces; A 3D life size Blue Morpho butterfly under a glass dome in which I cut every strip to 1/16” wide and painted the underside including all of its markings (1st place ribbon, and a medal), another Thank You card (3rd place ribbon), and a Christmas card. I was so nervous, but I was determined to do well, so was very proud to have won again.
There can be many benefits to entering and I have learned so much through my experiences. The show I do every year has the potential for almost a million people to see my work! Estimates are between 500 & 700 thousand who go through the exhibits out of about 1.3 million who attend the Stampede every year. That in itself is very rewarding to know that so many can be potentially exposed to see this art form! Winning the awards is an added bonus as I can have that on the backs of my cards, and on any business cards and printed materials. People who are looking to buy cards, and gifts seem to be quite impressed when they read about the awards I’ve won. They then realize it isn’t just a craft but an actual Art Form which is part of the reason I keep competing. Also, it has really helped to stretch my imagination and grow in an area of designing my own pieces. There may even be various shows that may have prize money involved as well, although I have not been involved in any of these so can’t say much about them. In many competitions, the judges have a set of criteria to follow. So whether they’ve heard of quilling or not they can still judge it according to what their criteria is.

Please remember this is based on my experiences in competing and although it may be different in other places here are some helpful tips for entering shows and competitions:
Before you register for any competition, contests, or art shows, make sure you are aware of all the rules and guidelines. This is to protect you. Some may want to keep your work after the show, so you may have to decide if you want to make something that won’t be returned. This may also influence the complexity and size of your entry. So always check before hand if they will be keeping entries, or returning them. When you’re registering if you’re asked to give a description of your project go into detail. Tell them how long it took you to make, the sorts of papers you used and how much ( I give them an estimated total of how many feet of paper are in the project), include various techniques, and especially tell them if it is your design or not. The more you can explain about it the better. Plan your project and visualize how you want the finished piece to look. If you can, design your own project to keep it original. Designing a project can take longer than the quilling but it is well worth it. Judges will always look for originality first over patterns. Since I first started entering my work I have really seen a lot more entries every year, which is wonderful to see. I recognize work that is from patterns, and note that they are usually given 2nd or 3rd place awards. However, if you are new to quilling and not comfortable with making your own original piece, don’t fret use a pattern, as it is still a good experience and if you make a good quality piece you may still be awarded first place, as the judges may just love how you made the piece. Be as neat as possible no glue marks showing and not too much of a crimp in the center of your coils, as they seem to like the small centers that the needle tool, or hand rolling gives. Also the type of frames, display cases, and stands may have an effect on judging. If you have a frame that has slight flaws, they may notice this or notice if your mat is slightly off center. Ask when taking your piece in if you can have your contact info displayed with your piece. Some will let you and some won’t but it never hurts to ask. I know from experience, as they never use to let us in the past but this year they did and I didn’t know, so I didn’t have any contact info displayed. Whether you win or not be very proud that you were able to have your quilling on display as that is one of the best the best parts of the whole experience. I have had people come up to me at Christmas Craft sales, and tell me they saw my pieces displayed. Wow! What a great feeling! I hope if anyone has an opportunity to enter a show/competition they at least do so once. I have learned so much, and gained so much experience by doing show pieces, that is has really helped improve my quilling and show many our beautiful art form.
© 2005 Doreen Coreman
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will You Fly?

Normally I would not post about a subject not related to my art, but being so moved by the events of the past few months I thought I would share a quote I heard during the election.

I was an active participant of the 60's & 70's and all that it involved. Vividly remembering the day John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were shot. As the years past, with unrest spreading, I became disheartened.

Yesterday I felt my heart lighten... could there finally be a change coming?
I have hope for the future again.

This quote I first heard in the fall from a Jay-Z song, I am not sure he was the first or the last.
I know I’ve seen different versions floating around the net ...

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk.
Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run.
Obama's running so we all can fly.

Obama ran and won so now working together we all maybe able to fly.
Once again I can say with meaning....

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Quilled Wild Rose Pattern

Here's a pattern to make quick and simple Wild Roses from 1/4" or wider quilling paper.

  • Quilling paper, color of your choice
  • Quilling tool
  • Beads or glitter
  • Glue
  • Scissors

To make the roses:
  • 9 -1/2” pieces rose 3/8” quilling paper cut to point at one end.
  • 4 -1/2” pieces peach 3/8” quilling paper cut to point at one end.

Slightly roll both edges of the uncut end.
For the larger rose glue six curled pieces in a circle on a small square of scrap paper for the bottom layer, then glue four together for the center making sure the folds facing up.
Glue three pearls to middle.
The bud or smaller rose is four pieces with three pearls.
Add quilled or punched leaves to finish the design.

  • Hints:
    For a different look try making the roses with the folded tips facing
    Gold or silver beads, small quilled strips, or glitter glue may also be
    used for the centers.
  • Chalk the tips or center of the rose.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Quilling Inspirations

Here's a reprint of an article written by Ann Martin Custom Quilling's Advisor for the January Newsletter.

"Are you interested in finding new ideas for your next quilling project? Look no farther than where you are seated right this minute! The Internet provides a wealth of helpful quilling information and free patterns.

Google "quilling blogs" for inspiration and join the Yahoo group called Quillers - it's over 2000 members strong. Enjoy reading posts at the group site or have them emailed directly to your inbox, create a photo album of your work, and exchange tips with people all over the world who share your love of quilling.

Another way to find clever ideas to adapt in your next design is to use Google Images—
Just type the name of whatever it is you’re seeking in the search box - be it a quilled snowflake, a butterfly, or even Puff, the Magic Dragon. You aren't guaranteed a result of course, but then again you might get lots! Also try googling “clip art snowflake” for example, to find line drawings for inspiration.

There are several very nifty papercraft magazines that feature quilling regularly. Some even share their full issues online for your viewing pleasure:
For Keeps Creative Paper is an Australian magazine with beautifully photographed designs and detailed project instructions. Each issue is available about a month after it has been sold on newsstands.
Click on Online Magazine to sign up to receive an email alert when a new issue is released.

Craft Creations Magazine from England allows you to download individual project instructions:

CardMaker is an American magazine that features a Quill It Easy design in every issue. Their online site offers instructions on the latest papercrafting techniques. Combine these ideas with your quilled elements to make all sorts of creative card and scrapbook projects. Click on Featured Project, Cardmaking Projects, or Web Bonuses. "

Thank you Ann for a wonderful article.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clearance Quilling Sale

Thought the Blog could use a make over... how do you like the new look?

A number of items at Custom Quilling have been put on clearance, these are going fast so stop by soon to check out it for the best selection. Included are the original husking boards by Elizabeth's Creations.

Also a new temporary category for Valentine's Day has been added. You will find a selection of supplies for your holiday projects.

All new customers do not forget to use the code WELCOME at checkout to receive 5% off your order!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Quilling Blogs and Sites

Two days ago I added a new feature to Custom Quilling, a page where quillers have the ability to add a link to their site or Blogs.
I have been totally amazed with the talent that has been linked so far, from Blogs to websites there are some awesome filigree artist out there!
They are making amazing art from strips of paper and imagination gone wild.

Stop by to check them all out, I promise they do not disappoint....


If you have a site you would like to share just click the submit button on the page and fill out the information. At this point the program requires that a link be on your site pointing to Custom Quilling.

Enjoy surfing all the new sites and Blogs!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quilling Kit & Online Class for January

Love is in the Air!

This month the kit from Custom Quilling is made for love!

It's overflowing with goodies just perfect for all your Valentines projects. The online class and pattern is the cute heart pocket. Can't you just picture this filled with candy hearts or kisses?
Here's the list of goodies:

3 8.5 x 11 Sheets of cardstock in white, pink, and red... colors may vary.
1 8.5 x 11 Sheet of pink marble cardstock
1 8.5 x 11 Sheet of pink marble paper
At least 5 6 x 6 sheets of pink paisley paper

1 6x6 French print lite pink paper
1 6x6 scroll print paper
1 Pinwheel pocket
80 Strips of 1/8 in shades of pink
Assortment of heart buttons
3 Lengths of ribbon includes 1 printed
1 Gelly Roll Glaze pen
1 4.25 x 5.5 red and pink card set
1 4.25 x 5.5 white card set
1 5 x 7 white card set
Pattern from Denise featuring the pocket heart and used for the online class

Don't forget to check out the
January Newsletter to see all the great projects Doreen & Sue did!
Another new feature at Custom Quilling is Links, where you will find a collection of Blogs, sites, and guilds that all relate to quilling. If you would like to add yours just follow the instructions on the site.

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