Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quilling with Gold and Silver Quill Trim Paper

Here's another blast from the past written by Ann Martin Custom Quilling's Advisor for the Custom Quilling Newsletter.

Perhaps you are wondering what to do with the 1/8" quill trim paper that is a beautiful metallic
gold or silver on one side, but white on the other. Wedding bells? Christmas bells? Tiny pegs? Yes, all that and more! With a bit of creativity you'll be able to use these versatile papers in many ways. If you carefully spread an even coating of glue on the white side of a strip, glue the back of a second strip to the first, you can then roll coils or scrolls as usual. Allow the glue to dry completely before attempting to roll. If there are a small openings where there wasn't enough glue, use a straight pin to apply a tiny amount in the gaps.

Try outlining colored teardrops with quill trim to use as butterfly wings or wrap a short length around a closed coil to use as the center of a flower. Apply glue with a glue stick to the back of a strip and press it in place on a card front as a border. For a different look, glue two strips together and crimp when dry. The double thickness will prevent the paper from turning into confetti when it is run through the crimper. Crimped trim makes a pretty border on a card front and surprisingly can be very easily glued around curves on a circle or oval aperture card or picture frame mat.

Cut a strip of trim paper in half and glue it down the middle of a 1/8" strip of another color. Use it to make a pretty looped bow. With a little practice it is possible to make very tiny fringed flowers and folded roses with the 1/8" quill trim papers as well.

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