Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will You Fly?

Normally I would not post about a subject not related to my art, but being so moved by the events of the past few months I thought I would share a quote I heard during the election.

I was an active participant of the 60's & 70's and all that it involved. Vividly remembering the day John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were shot. As the years past, with unrest spreading, I became disheartened.

Yesterday I felt my heart lighten... could there finally be a change coming?
I have hope for the future again.

This quote I first heard in the fall from a Jay-Z song, I am not sure he was the first or the last.
I know I’ve seen different versions floating around the net ...

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk.
Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run.
Obama's running so we all can fly.

Obama ran and won so now working together we all maybe able to fly.
Once again I can say with meaning....

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