Friday, March 13, 2009

My Very First Quilling Project

Since I posted yesterday the story of the start of my quilling journey, I thought I'd share my very first project.

This is from the kit my mom had bought, Wedding Invitation Border by Barbara Maddox ­ ©1973 for Quill Art Inc.
Barbara was my first introduction to the world of quilling through her wonderful selection of kits.
Long before the ease of the internet I would spend hours on the phone both in New Jersey and Florida searching for stores that carried quilling supplies. Then if I was fortunate enough to find any, drive for miles to purchase them, finally out of desperation I resorted to mail order.

When the kits would arrive I pounced on them, lost for hours in bits of paper being twirled around the hat pin. These kits were my inspiration, giving me the ability to begin my own designs.
That very first hat pin from the wedding kit was with me up until just a few years ago when it disappeared along with the project I was working on during a demo I was giving. I was heart broken! To this day I still reach for a hat pin as my first tool of choice.

The frame was part of a set my dad gave me as a gift, it was not my taste but I have never had the heart to replace it. He worked with my mom in a frame shop as a hobby, he loved working with his hands. It was also where I worked part time for a period of time while in high school.

When I look at this first quilling attempt today, I see all the flaws... way too tight tension! But I also see what changed my life forever, a passion for quilling that has lasted all these years.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

This post is personal, although it does relate to quilling on some level. Many of you know that my mom suffered a major heart attack a year ago November, I posted about it here in Quilling, Children, and Christmas Reflections.

Since I have received inquires about her health I thought I'd update everyone.
This past weekend we celebrated her 83rd birthday! Here she is with my oldest son, I hope I look this good at her age!

Although Doug spent hours sitting by her side during her hospital stay, she has no memory of him or our youngest Drew being there. To her the last time she saw Doug was on her 80th birthday, so her present this year was a visit from both her grandsons... she was thrilled!

Mom has come a long way, she is back living in her home, we are fortunate to live only a few house away. Although is she is walking a little slower and no longer driving, her quality of life is so much more than we ever expected, almost as it was.

And how does this relate to quilling you ask?
When I was planning my wedding I was living in Florida but the ceremony was to be held in my home state of New Jersey. Arriving home for a planning session my mom hands me a cupcake tray filled with little bits of paper.

"OK, mom I know you love to bake but what the heck is this?"

Mom: "I saw this kit to make paper flowers around your invitation and frame it for a keepsake. I thought I'd make it for you, but I HATE doing this!"

Well, I took one look at those paper strips, fell in love, and as the say the rest is history!

This all happened back in 1975.... as much as I love to quill my mom has never touched another quilling strip again!

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Quilling, Stitching, and Anniversary

Wow there is so much going on at Custom Quilling this month... it's our Anniversary!

For all those fans of stitching, the next batch of the awesome Dazzle stickers just arrived at Custom Quilling this group includes hearts, dragonflies, and more that can be stitched!
How cool is that???

You can follow the pre-marked designs with thread or just use them as is... no matter how they are used they are stunning!

****Purchase any of the in stock Custom Quilling Monthly Kits and you will eligible to take the online tutorial for converting a regular frame into a shadowbox.
Here's this months kit.

Back in stock-
Flat back rhinestone, bone folders, 3D punch tool kit, micro scissors, grab & stab tool, and all the new quilling kits!

We are celebrating our anniversary!
As a thank you to all my wonderful customer/friends there will be a month long celebration.

  1. All paid orders this month will be entered in a WEEKLY drawing for a $10.00 CQ Gift Certificate.
  2. A one on one online class of the winners choice will be drawn randomly at the end of the month from all paid orders.
  3. All paid orders will be entered into a random drawing for a box fill with goodies.
  4. New customers will receive 5% discount on one order over $20.00 with the code WELCOME.
So stop on by and join the celebration!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Husking Shamrock Card by Heidi Bishop

Here's a card by Heidi Bishop designed while she was a member of the Custom Quilling Design Team. She used a technique called husking, spreuer or wheatear, which just means wrapping strips around an onion holder!

To make this card you'll need:
4 ¼” x 5 ½” yellow cardstock for the card
Yellow cream decorative paper

A printed “Happy St Patrick’s Day
Spring green two tone quilling strips
White pearl paper
5 yellow crystals
Small flower punch
Onion holder

Make 3 dark green leaves: Make a seven looped leave around prongs 6, 5, 4, 3 using alternate side looping technique.
Make a dark green 3 looped stem around prongs 4 and 3 using alternate side looping technique.
Repeat for light green shamrock
Make 3, 4 looped leaves around prongs 2, 3, 4, and 5 using the wheatear technique.
Make 1, 3” trumpet coil for the stem
Punch and shape 5 white flowers and add crystals.
Attach text to decorative paper then to card stock.
Using picture as a guide, glue into place elements.

Hope you enjoy Heidi's card!

Copyright © 2007 Heidi Bishop
These written instruction, design, pattern, photographs, and projects are intended for personal use and are authorized for that purpose only.
This pattern may not be shared or reproduced by any means including, but not limited to, photocopying, electronic transmitting, email, or other means.
Any other use, especially commercial use is forbidden without written permission of the copyright holder.
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