Friday, March 13, 2009

My Very First Quilling Project

Since I posted yesterday the story of the start of my quilling journey, I thought I'd share my very first project.

This is from the kit my mom had bought, Wedding Invitation Border by Barbara Maddox ­ ©1973 for Quill Art Inc.
Barbara was my first introduction to the world of quilling through her wonderful selection of kits.
Long before the ease of the internet I would spend hours on the phone both in New Jersey and Florida searching for stores that carried quilling supplies. Then if I was fortunate enough to find any, drive for miles to purchase them, finally out of desperation I resorted to mail order.

When the kits would arrive I pounced on them, lost for hours in bits of paper being twirled around the hat pin. These kits were my inspiration, giving me the ability to begin my own designs.
That very first hat pin from the wedding kit was with me up until just a few years ago when it disappeared along with the project I was working on during a demo I was giving. I was heart broken! To this day I still reach for a hat pin as my first tool of choice.

The frame was part of a set my dad gave me as a gift, it was not my taste but I have never had the heart to replace it. He worked with my mom in a frame shop as a hobby, he loved working with his hands. It was also where I worked part time for a period of time while in high school.

When I look at this first quilling attempt today, I see all the flaws... way too tight tension! But I also see what changed my life forever, a passion for quilling that has lasted all these years.
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Anonymous said...

Love Barbara Maddox. I have a few of her books. Thanks for sharing your first quilling piece

Reshmi said...

Superb..!!! i just love your quillinbg patterns they are wonderful.. waiting to see more from you.. Thanx for sharing.


Reshmi said...

Hi Denise,

I wanted to share a some similare kind of my work on quilling with you.. I have done this for my client in Toronto and she was very happy with this craft.. I would like to see your comments and suggestions on it.


Tammy said...

I absolutely love the frame and the fact that it was a gift from your fater makes it even more special.
Don't change a thing!