Saturday, October 29, 2011

Free Quilled Wheat Pattern

Although we are having an rare October snowstorm here in the northeast US, here is a re-share of a wheat pattern.

1/8” quilling paper gold & tan
Cardstock in gold

Chalk in gold
Quilling Tool

Card Preparation
Optional step: Cut then fold cardstock into desired card size. Cut an oval out of scrap paper; place the paper from which the oval was cut out on the card and lightly chalk the inside oval with gold. The edges of the card may also be chalked.

For each stalk of wheat roll 7 - 8” strips of gold, forming a teardrop, leaving a tail of about 1/2”.
Cut the tail at an angle so that a point is form at the end; slightly curve the tail to the outside.
Glue shapes to a 3” strip of gold on edge, starting at the top and placing three shapes on each side. Making sure the curved tail faces out. Repeat the process for the other two stalks.
Cut each stem at an angle, glue together at stems, add a strip of 2” tan with the end cut to a point to form two leaves. Curve and add to each side of the stem group. Wrap and knot all stems with a scrap piece of tan paper, cut ends at angle. Lightly glue the finished wheat to center of oval.
Happy Autumn and enjoy!
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