Friday, June 28, 2013

Paper Shaping Tools & Piercing Mat

New at Custom Quilling Paper Shaping Tools & Piercing Mat.
• 1” Slotted Paper Rolling / Piercing Tool
• 12mm / 4mm Ball Stylus
• Right Angle Tweezers - ergonomic design 
• Firm Piercing / Veining Mat

1” Slotted Rolling / Piercing Tool:
• Create rolled flowers and add curves to larger shapes
• Pierce flower centers to insert stems or stamens
• Pierce patterns in paper, holes for stitching and brads
 12mm/4mm Stylus:
• Cover more area faster when softening paper shapes
• Use to add ink dots in 2 sizes

Right Angle Tweezers:
• Easily pick up and hold small embellishments
• Allows more accurate placement

Piercing / Veining Mat:
• Piercing mat is 6-1/4x8-3/4x1/4 inches
• Firm surface to easily add veining to leaves
• Pierce decorative patterns on paper

The tools are marked for easy identification, with easy Grip handles for added comfort... these are the perfect addition to McGill Paper Blossoms Punches and a must have for your tool collection!
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